With the completion of this novel I intend to take part in a Disney Animation movie project as a story developer and, if I’m lucky, maybe someone just might make a movie out of my own novel and I could help direct it.

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I’ve always had a deep love for fairy tales sometimes I even imagined I was part of the stories, when I wrote this novel I tried to interpret the many different fairy tales and give them a twist. For instance, instead of a magical being helping the heroine the heroine is the magical one. And what if the prince was already interested in someone who didn’t even want him at all. There are so many ways to interpret a story into something completely different. Mortal meets Magical is retelling of three of my most inspiring tales: The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel and Cinderella.


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To explain the universe of my novel here’s an exert from the book:

“Long ago, during the creation of mortals, the primordial gods were deciding on how to divide their territory. Either a single god or a large group of gods would rule over a small part of the Earth, there a supreme god, a god above all others, would be chosen and certain mortal resembling creatures help them create or destroy -depending on who they work for- their worshipers. Before the creatures can help anyone, they must first undergo training, selection and initiation: those who are not born from any special lineage nor have any specific abilities must undergo training in specific institutions and then pick their most likely career. Just like the mortal education system, only your employers don’t deliver such exceedingly severe punishments.

In these modern times, mortals simply pretend as if none of this existed, however, they always make-up exaggerated stories of the world they continue to ignore. Nowadays these creatures still serve their masters for humanity’s existence even if most of them seem ungrateful, the stories they create seem to be reward for most of them. The way their powers is a balanced mix of science and magic: they apply the theories of mortal science within their magic, in a way the logic of mortals is applied, but not as they expected it to be. They both live in different worlds, constantly wondering about each other. And even though the creatures work hard, what future lies ahead, that single question tormented the minds of plenty who had received an education, those who were born with their abilities were considered the lucky ones.

Modern day mortals doubt the existence of these beings and they still live an unexpected life, completely unaware of what is truly surrounding them. Although with magical help, these opposing worlds never frequent each other in the days where science now dominates magic, no mortal or magical being has ever encountered each other, face to face. No one ever bothered to try, even the creatures, who knew of both places, seemed careless about seeing the other side- who would- mortals had little importance to the lives of the magical. Nowadays the immortals continue to have watchful eyes over their opposites, but at a longer distance, there were no gods or creatures of the ancient days who ever tried to remember their visits towards the mortal realm.

People believed that mortals with unique talents were assets to darkness and the creatures whom they believed to have a contract with these strange people. In truth, the creatures, which were believed to be harmful, were sent to punish those who were truly dark.”


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Major Characters

Star Gazer: An extremely curious magical creature in training, with a deep interest in the mortal realm. Her interest leads her to develop feelings for a mortal called Bradley Prince, who is interested in someone else. But that doesn’t stop her from trying to win his affection.

Corona Starlight: A mortal girl who Star meets on her first day in the mortal realm. She’s quiet and elusive towards her fellow mortals, but she is good friends with Star, despite the fact that she has captured the heart of her Bradley. But unbeknownst to Star, Corona is harboring an unusual secret that could change Star’s whole perspective of mortal.

Bradley Prince: The object of Star’s affection and the coolest guy in school. He wants Corona’s attention, despite her odd behavior and the constant stream of rejection he gets from her. When new girl, Star, approaches the scene, things take a whole new turn in his life.

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Novel plot: Mortal Meets Magical

Star Gazer, a creature from the magical dimension, is extremely interested by the mortal world. So interested, she begins to develop feelings for a mortal and traveled to the other side just to meet him. As she explores the mortal realm she meets Corona Starlight, a secretive mortal girl with a big secret… a secret the could change her life forever.

magic-book      Magic2

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Sound Text

The ambiance is a classroom. If the space has a little amount of people, voices ring loud and clear, if no one speaks at all, whether empty or full I hear a hum of buzzing noise emanating all around me. My ears are never hot in that space, which means there are no low-frequency sounds. The busy sounds of indistinct conversation make my head throb, for in this space, when multiple sounds converge with each other without any orderly rhythm, the anechoic effect creates confusion and frustration in my mind, it takes almost all of my concentration to keep my emotions from showing, because my ears and my mind are more accustomed to a steady rhythm. As the unsteady sounds continue to rage on, I become more impatient and more intolerant because the throbbing in my head becomes more painful with each passing second. When there are not so many human voices or when there is a steady rhythm in the room, I feel calm and confidant, and sometimes my mind drifts away to an imaginary plain, but if a sudden, high frequency sound resonates in my ear, especially at close range, I become panicked, my senses are more alert and I my hands are gripped on my heart. My breaths become audible to the human ear and I myself let out a high pitched sound of surprise. As the disruptive noise dies down, I slip back into a calm state being and enjoy the relaxing hum of buzzing, until another extremely high or low frequency sound disrupts me anew.

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Collection Purposes

My collection is about my novel.

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